Historical Sorg Opera House | Progress

Our Progress!

We have already accomplished so much together! The outpouring of support from volunteers, local businesses, the media, and the city of Middletown has been incredible! Find out how you can get involved and stay in touch- Follow Us on Social Media!


-$100,000 in individual donations and grants raised to date.
-Benefit concert held on Sept. 12, 2013 celebrating Sorg’s birthday attracted over 200 attendees.
-Launched “Take-a-Seat” campaign – $16,000 raised to date.
-Season’s Greetings from Middletown CD and live benefit show for the -Sorg Opera House raised nearly $10,000. (Volume 2 is in the works)
-Capital Campaign is in progress. Naming opportunities are available

Non-Profit Status

Received Non profit status- March 18, 2014


-Major leaks and water damage have been stopped on the roof
-Wind storm damage repaired on ballroom windows
-Replaced Downspouts

Tax Credits

-Applied for State and Federal Tax Credits April, 2014

Hire Architects

-Glaserworks Architects

Document Memories

-McCall Productions has donated services valued at $4000 to produce Sorg Memoirs, recording memories of Sorg experiences spanning generations.